The company premises include the following facilities:

  • LPG underground storage
    Group of tanks, which consists of 20 reservoirs with a capacity of 100 m3 each.
  • Fire tanks
    Total capacity 300 m3
  • Transformer substation
  • Pump and compressor room
    It is intended for movement of liquid and steam phases of LPG through technological pipelines.
  • LPG filling station with the weighing station for trucks.
    Four stations are provided for filling or draining the tank trucks.
  • Industrial pipelines.
    The vapour and liquid phases of LPG are transported through pipelines within the territory of the enterprise.
  • Railway loading/unloading overpass and train weighing scales.
    There is an access railroad track for acceptance and dispatch of railway tanks and a loading/unloading overpass for 20 positions, where simultaneous loading/unloading of 20 railway tanks is provided. The loading/unloading overpass enables safe conditions for unloading products from railway tanks into tanks and loading products from tanks into railway tanks. The total length of the railway track is 378 meters.
  • Administrative and service building.
    Total area 1,239.3 m2
  • Accredited laboratory:
    Analysis of incoming raw materials and finished products, as well as issue of quality certificates for LPG produced. A new product is obtained by mixing.
  • Road transport for LPG transportation.
    3 automatic couplings: MAN TGX 18.440 4X2 BLS tractor units and BC LDS NCG-48 type semi-trailers, 2018 model year. 7 automatic couplings: MAN TGX 18.460 4x2 BLS, EURO 6 tractors and VPSCN3 type semi-trailers, VPSCN48LPG modification with a volume of 48 m3, 2020 of release.